Unexpected Leg Locks = My Favorite Kind…

October 2, 2012
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When I can help it, I like leg locks to get a tap out of people before they realize what the heck is happening to them. That’s really my preference.

Reader Request: Sneaky Leg Locks

We recently had another reader named Paul (so many Pauls in the MicroBJJ world, what is going on?!) who basically had asked for something different, unique, sneaky. Something people WOULDN’T see coming.

Aaaah, yes. Here’s a submission I hit a long time ago as a blue belt and I’ve been using it to tap better grapplers than me since:

That bounce-over achilles lock is a very sharp attack, especially when that far leg is already relatively bent and so your “bite” on the ankle is exactly what it should be.

See if you can’t get some taps on some big guys, with that one, Paul! 🙂

Setting up the bounce-over achilles

Be well – more to come!

-Daniel Faggella

Daniel Faggella
Daniel Faggella

Coach Daniel is the founder and head publisher at Science of Skill, LLC. A martial arts black belt and self defense instructor, Dan has spent years training with and interviewing some of the world's best self protection experts. His passion lies in encouraging others to train smart and to improve the skills that make them safer and stronger.

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